Answers to Common Questions

Question: What is Partially status ?

If status Partial it means system can't give more likes/followers/views to current page and money automatically refunded for remains likes/followers/views. It can happen for server problem or if your total order is more then servers total capacity . Please order in different server in that case or you can try placing it again 12-24 hours later.

Question: How to place new order:


  • In the field Type — Select the type of services from the drop-down list.
  • In the field Link — Fill the link to the page in the format.
  • In the field Quantity — Fill the needed quantity of likes/followers

Refund Policy:

We will not REFUND to your paypal account. We can only refund to your HockleyAdvancer account, any Paypal refund request will be denied. Please Read Our Refund Policy

Terms of Service

Any Service on our panel ,no stable guarantee ( If we don't mention stable )and for YouTube no video safe guarantee.You take service at your own guarantee.However, we provide Refill service sometime. Read out our Terms of Servive.